Recent Presentations

(and accompanying powerpoint slides):

10 May 2017, Presentation on “Enhancing Public Understanding of Activists, Religion (and Religious Activists!) through the Geo+Digital-Humanities” for British Library Labs workshop (using impress.jshere.

20 Jan 2017, Presentation on “Mapping Community” to representatives of the Scottish Community Alliance and Scottish Government. Slides (using impress.js) here.

19 Jan 2017, Presentation on Digital Humanities projects in 2016 to the “Digital Champions” forum at the University of Birmingham. Slides (using reveal.js) here.

6 Jan 2017, Presentation on “Mapping Churches” to British and Irish church statisticians, Cardiff, Wales. Slides (using keynote) here.

23 Nov 2016, Sixth Form Study Afternoon “Is Climate Change a Moral Issue?” University of Birmingham. Powerpoint (sorry!) slides here.

24 Nov 2016, Paper Presentation at American Academy of Religion, “Looking for Climate Change in Spiritual Landscapes” San Antonio, TX. Keynote slides here (pdf).

20 Sep 2016, Presentation to Scottish Government as part of Climate Week events, “What to do with Eco-Congregations?” Victoria Quay, Edinburgh. PDF Slides here.

28 Jun 2016, Presentation at Institute for Religion in an Age of Science Conference, “Looking for Climate Change in Spiritual Landscapes” Star Island, NH, USA. Keynote slides here (pdf).

18 June 2016, Presentation at SOLAS festival, “Whither the Kirk?” Perthshire, Scotland. Keynote slides here.

9 June 2016, Presentation at Ancestral Time Conference, “Engaged on earth care…
…disengaged with climate change What should we do with climato-skeptics?” University of Edinburgh. Keynote slides here.

13 April 2016, Presentation to Scottish Government, “Who Are Eco-Congregations?” (using reveal.js) slides here.

22 Feb 2016, University of Edinburgh, Religious Studies Seminar, “The dark green kirk? Interrogating stereotypes about religious communities and environmentalism in Scotland through GIS“. Keynote slides here.

13 Jan 2016, ISSRNC Conference Presentation with Michael Northcott, “Ecological Futures, Sacred Time, and Christian Eco-congregations“. Keynote slides here.

30 Sep 2015, Presentation to Eco-Congregation Scotland Board of Directors. Keynote slides here.

Oct 2014, Presentation for Design Seminar at Edinburgh College of Art, “Can a designer be courageous? 
Looking at the ethics of design through the virtues of craft”. Keynote slides here.

June 2014, Presentation with Andrew Kelly on “To Blog or Not to Blog: A Critical Review of Blogs as a Teaching Tool” for the Day of Learning, University of Edinburgh. Keynote slides here.

Sep 2013, Online Course Reader( Orientation for Ethics & Society Class. Keynote slides here.

2008, What does the incarnation have to do with creation care? Lecture for Regent College summer school. Keynote slides here.