Current Academic Teaching

I teach modules that are part of four different degrees in the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at Birmingham: BA Theology and ReligionBA in Philosophy, Religion and EthicsBA in History and TheologyBA in Politics, Religion and Philosophy.

Modules I’ll be teaching at Birmingham for the current academic year (2016-17) include:

I’ll have a dedicated website for each of these courses up in due course. Check back here for more in mid-September!

Past Teaching

During my Post-Doc in Edinburgh (2013-2016), I taught on a range of courses:

  • Global Ethical and Social Issues (co-taught), June 2016
  • Economy, Ethics & Religion (co-taught), 2015
  • Ecology, Ethics, & Spirit (co-taught), 2014
  • Ethics & Society (Core Christian Ethics Course, co-taught) 2014, 2013
    Note: this course was the subject of a two-year PTAS funded research project (link 1, 2, 3) investigating the use of blogs in teaching. Published findings from our first year are listed in Publications. I’ve also written a blog post about the mechanics of setting up these sites.
  • Technology, Religion and Ethics (co-taught), 2013
  • Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding (lecturer), 2012

Past Teaching

…and before beginning academic training, I worked in Information Technology and Telecommunications and for my last two years in that capacity I worked as a trainer. I continue to work as a clinician on technology, with a particular interest in the use of technology in learning.