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28 June 2017

I’ve put together a new website. For anyone who has been following my presence on the internet, this change shouldn’t come as a big surprise as I’ve periodically migrated my web presence from a static html site (1994) to movable type (2002) to wordpress (2004) to joomla (for about 15 minutes), to drupal (2010) and then back to wordpress again. What is perhaps a bit different this time is that this migration marks something of a homecoming as I’ve officially abandoned the Content Management System where I’ve been dwelling digitally for a little over a decade.

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A poem for your friday

8 February 2016

“The Heaven of Animals” by James L. Dickey Here they are. The soft eyes open. If they have lived in a wood It is a wood. If they have lived on plains It is grass rolling Under their feet forever. Having no souls, they have come, Anyway, beyond their knowing. Their instincts wholly bloom And they rise. The soft eyes open. To match them, the landscape flowers, Outdoing, desperately Outdoing what is required: The richest wood, The deepest field.

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I devoted some time these past six weeks to helping organise a people’s climate march in Edinburgh. Given our research focus on how Christians and faith communities mobilise for action around climate change and other related ecological issues, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. What did surprise many people, myself included, was the extent of the march (pictures here) that occurred last Sunday (21 Sep 2014). We had hoped for 200-300 and by most estimates, we had nearly 3000 people marching through the streets of Edinburgh committing themselves to action and calling on our nation’s leaders here in Scotland to address climate change in substantial ways.

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“It is pertinent to see that in a world of becoming this or that force-field can go through a long period of relative equilibrium, or even gradual progression as defined by standards extrapolated from that equilibrium. Much of social thought and political theory takes such periods as the base from which to define time and progress themselves, making the practitioners all the more disoriented when a surprising turn occurs, that is, when a period of intense disequilibrium issues in a new plateau that scrambles the old sense of progress and regress in this or that way.

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Fr Schmemann on Dying

20 May 2014

This morning during Matins I had a “jolt of happiness,” of fullness of life, and at the same time the thought: I will have to die! But in such a fleeting breath of happiness, time usually “gathers” itself. In an instant, not only are all such breaths of happiness remembered but they are present and alive— that Holy Saturday in Paris when I was a young man—and many such “breaks.” It seems to me that eternity might be not the stopping of time, but precisely its resurrection and gathering.

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Recent Papers

  • “Mapping Environmental Action.” in preparation Abstract
  • Review of Brent Waters, “Christian Moral Theology in the Emerging Technoculture: From Human Back to Human”. In Studies in Christian Ethics 29(4), 508-511, November 2016 Abstract
  • The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work: From Tabernacle to Eucharist. Routledge. Abstract
  • “Changing Uses of Old and New Media in World Christianity” co-authored with Jolyon Mitchell, in Lamin Sanneh and Michael McClymond, eds., The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity (Oxford: Blackwell, 2016) Abstract  pdf
  • “Hybrid Encounters in Reconciliation Ecology” in Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology, vol 20, issue 3, (Oct, 2016) Abstract  pdf

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