One of the joys of my work is to supervise bright and highly motivated undergraduates on a year-long dissertation project. This post will serve as a periodically updated guide to working with me as a supervisor on a UG dissertation at UOB. Last updated: Undergraduate Dissertation FAQ When is the thesis due? You should become very familiar with the handbook for the Dissertation course. It has all the details you need regarding deadlines.

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New Website

28 June 2017

I’ve put together a new website. For anyone who has been following my presence on the internet, this change shouldn’t come as a big surprise as I’ve periodically migrated my web presence from a static html site (1994) to movable type (2002) to wordpress (2004) to joomla (for about 15 minutes), to drupal (2010) and then back to wordpress again. What is perhaps a bit different this time is that this migration marks something of a homecoming as I’ve officially abandoned the Content Management System where I’ve been dwelling digitally for a little over a decade.

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Peer review and reddit?

10 February 2017

Crossposted from my Tools of the Trade blog There’s a terrific interview this week on the Inquiring Minds podcast with Nate Allen, one of the lead moderators for the r/Science subreddit. Colleagues will be especially interested in their discussion of the r/Science AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) events they run which host sciences who have recently published results for an interactive, carefully moderated and pretty high-level conversation with the 15 million + users on that forum.

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Note: Crossposted from Mere Orthodoxy and In All Things This has been a strange and bewildering year for American politics, and for certain segments of the American church. Some commenters have felt confident to call the church’s reaction to the general election a “schism” in the religious right—quite strong language. The candidacy of Donald Trump has been inordinately mystifying for many of us, Christians included, but “schism” is far too vague a diagnosis in attempting to capture the state of this discourse, just as “religious right” is a rather unimpressive sociological descriptor.

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Recent Papers

  • “The historical roots of the ecological crisis” in OUP Handbook of Ecology and Bible, 2018 Abstract
  • “Christian climate care: Slow change, modesty and eco-theo-citizenship” in Geo, vol. 5, iss. 2, Sep 2018 Abstract
  • “Introduction: Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time” in Environmental Humanities, vol. 10, iss. 1, May 2018, pp. 213-225 Abstract
  • “The evolution of Society for Ecological Restoration’s principles and standards—counter-response to Gann et al” in Restoration Ecology, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 431-433, 2018 Abstract
  • “On principles and standards in ecological restoration” in Restoration Ecology, 2018 Abstract

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