January 30, 2018

I’m very much looking forward to delivering a paper at Cambridge on 30 January 2018. My host is the Energy@Cambridge research initiative. My full title for the presentation is: “Slow energy policy in a time of global emergencies: the perils and promises of energy policy and religious communities”

I’ll be sharing some of my analysis of data that has been collected over four years (2013-2017) in collaboration with Scottish grassroots environmental groups, particularly Eco-Congregations.

You can look through the slides from my presentation (with references and links) by clicking here. Audio recording from the paper is here. You can also see a brief video interview I did to introduce the paper and my research in this area.

Also thrilled to note that my friend Jonathan Chaplin will be chairing the session and personal scholarly hero Mike Hulme will be responding to my paper.

You can read more, including map to venue here.



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