My doctoral research sought to reveal ways that ancient narratives about craft-work might illuminate present quandaries in business, engineering, and design surrounding excellence, creativity, property, and more. Along these lines I have an abiding interest interplay of ethics, design, technology, and economics. Since 2013, my research has taken on the contemporary context more directly and placed my interest in environmental ethics in the foreground, using ethnographic methods to investigate how moral community and political mobilisation are being generated by British churches and (by comparison) other environmental community groups in response to environmental change. Publications and PDFs are below for your perusal. You can also find and follow my recent publications at Researchgate,, ORCID, or ResearcherID, and if you must



  • The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work: From Tabernacle to Eucharist. Routledge. Abstract


  • Theology and Economics: A Christian Vision of the Common Good, edited by Jeremy Kidwell and Sean Doherty. Palgrave McMillan Abstract

Essays and Reviews


  • Review of Brent Waters, “Christian Moral Theology in the Emerging Technoculture: From Human Back to Human”. In Studies in Christian Ethics 29(4), 508-511, November 2016 Abstract

Working Papers


  • “Mapping Environmental Action.” in preparation Abstract
  • “OER Short Course: data ethics.” in preparation Abstract
  • “OER Short Course: integrating student consultancy projects in UG teaching.” in preparation Abstract
  • “OER Short Course: Introduction to Geospatial Visualisation.” in preparation Abstract
  • “Sustainable Networks.” in preparation Abstract

Articles and Book Chapters


  • “Climate Change and Christian Ethics” in T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Ethics ed. Tobias Winright Abstract  pdf
  • “Mapping the Field of Religious Environmental Politics” in International Affairs 96:2, March 2020 Abstract  pdf
  • “Re-Enchanting Political Theology” in Religions, vol. 10, iss. 10, Sep 2019 Abstract  pdf
  • “Religion and social values for sustainability” in Sustainability Science, vol. 14, iss. 5, Sep 2019 Abstract  pdf


  • “The historical roots of the ecological crisis” in OUP Handbook of Ecology and Bible, 2018 Abstract  pdf
  • “Christian climate care: Slow change, modesty and eco-theo-citizenship” in Geo, vol. 5, iss. 2, Sep 2018 Abstract  pdf
  • “What are the ethical implications of the science-and-religion debate?” in Philosophy, Science and Religion for Everyone, ed. Duncan Pritchard and Mark Harris, Routledge, 2018, pp. 149-159 Abstract  pdf
  • “Introduction: Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time” in Environmental Humanities, vol. 10, iss. 1, May 2018, pp. 213-225 Abstract  pdf
  • “The evolution of Society for Ecological Restoration’s principles and standards—counter-response to Gann et al” in Restoration Ecology, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 431-433, 2018 Abstract  pdf
  • “On principles and standards in ecological restoration” in Restoration Ecology, 2018 Abstract  pdf
  • “Clean Design: The quest for purity and the ethics of modern hygienic design” in Tricky Design: the Ethics of Things ed. by Tom Fisher and Lorraine Gamman (forthcoming, Bloomsbury, 2017) Abstract  pdf
  • “Temporality and Christian Environmental Activism” in Greening of Religion: Hope in the Eye of the Storm, ed. Jonathan Leader, Cherry Hill Seminary Press, 2018, pp. 167-175 Abstract  pdf


  • “Changing Uses of Old and New Media in World Christianity” co-authored with Jolyon Mitchell, in Lamin Sanneh and Michael McClymond, eds., The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity (Oxford: Blackwell, 2016) Abstract  pdf
  • “Enhancing Student Learning Through the Use of Blogs” in Reflecting on our Achievements: What’s Next for Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching, 7th Annual IBLC Proceedings (2012) Abstract  pdf
  • “Hybrid Encounters in Reconciliation Ecology” in Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology, vol 20, issue 3, (Oct, 2016) Abstract  pdf
  • Time for Business: Business Ethics, Sustainability, and Giorgio Agamben’s ‘Messianic Time’ in De Ethica vol 2, issue 3, pp. 39-51 (Jan 29, 2016). Abstract  pdf


  • “Radical or Realist? The Ethics of Work in John Chrysostom” in Theology and Economics, ed. By Jeremy Kidwell and Sean Doherty, Palgrave. Abstract


  • “The Righteousness of Industrialism: Understanding the Legacy Behind The Present Moment in Technological Ethics,” in The Present Moment, ed. Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford: ORA, 2011) Abstract  pdf


  • “On Dwarves and Scientists: Probing for Technological Ethics in the Creative Imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien” In FORUM, Issue 8, Spring 2009 Abstract  pdf



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