Jeremy Kidwell, “Changing Uses of Old and New Media in World Christianity” co-authored with Jolyon Mitchell, in Lamin Sanneh and Michael McClymond, eds., The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity (Oxford: Blackwell, 2016)


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Through a series of case studies we analyze different ways in which “old” and “new” media are being used in world Christianity. Cases considered include Russian Orthodox attitudes towards television, colonial engagement with media and Christianity in Africa, use of television by Pentecostal preachers in South America, film production in Nigeria by independent Pentecostal or Charismatic churches, the use of radio in El Salvador, portrayals of Jesus in Indian film productions, and receptions of television in India. Through these and other studies, we investigate the dynamic use of media by Christians around the world who have appropriated different media in both creative and traditional ways to teach, evangelize, perform, and communicate their forms of Christianity. This dynamic use of media is evolving, remarkable, and yet also consonant with the diverse texture of Christian communities across the world.

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