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Mapping Community

by @kidwellj

We have social problems.

The recession

Climate change

Donald trump

These all require creative solutions

And far too often, we look in vain to experts "out there" for solutions

All around us there are community level solutions that are:

- innovative
- impactful
- sustainable

...but community groups go un-noticed

This is a visibility problem

which impedes funding, collaboration, and multiplication

We want to be visible!

picture of a map with lots of dots

And maps are a fantastic way
to communicate this significance visually.

And we know this -

Everyone has a map on their website -

Development Trust Association Scotland

picture of dtas website

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

picture of dtas website

Eco-Congregation Scotland

picture of dtas website

And these maps are all hosted by google.

This is a bad thing.

- The Google interface is user friendly
- But in exchange for this "free" service,
- They can (and probably will) cancel your service at any time without warning
- You get no analytics
- And the data is stuck in a black box that doesn't interconnect

Let's recap:

- Community groups are providing innovation and value
- This is going un-noticed
- and lack of knowledge impedes funding and collaboration
- We can address this problem cartographically
- But our options stink

We are working on a solution to these problems:

- By improving public knowledge of community groups

- By enabling location-based analytics for groups and their umbrella organisations

picture of dtas website

- By providing sustainable and open data to social policy researchers

- By documenting best-practices for local cross-network collaborations

- By providing an industry-leading digital mapping platform for free to community groups

Now Let's Demo!