EDI in focus - gender inclusivity in theology

May 5, 2023 11:00 AM
University of Birmingham

This event is being co-hosted by T&R EDI and a group of MA students studying at the University of Birmingham. The workshop aims to explore Queer theology across a range of religious traditions – so towards that end we’ve invited a few speakers to join us and help frame up the conversation, including Amanullah De Sondy (University College Cork).

The event will take a practical focus on queering higher education: how theology can be construed as a problem and a resource for thinking constructively about gender inclusivity and how we navigate that within a research/learning context. We’ll think together about how learners can navigate their personal sitatedness, theological background and religious communities and how inclusiveness is constructed in those different contexts.

Jeremy Kidwell
Jeremy Kidwell
Associate Professor in Theological Ethics

Ethicist, activist, hacker, ethnographer and eco-theologian. Interdisciplinary and unafraid.