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Birmingham OPEN (Open Pedagogy EUniWell Network) Webinar

In this brief presentation, I share a bit of the reasons I think that Open Education is awesome. Slides can be accessed here.

Why I Started Talking to White People in environmental groups About Race

I’m delighted to be invited to share current research as part of this really important symposium on how Muslims in Britain engage with sustainability in the UK. In my presentation, I share some reflection that has been underway for several years now about how the environmental sector has been the site of racialised privilege, and in turn, how I think work ought to be structured in adressing this, particuarly for white privileged folks like me. Slides can be accessed here.

'Mapping' Religious Communities in the Birmingham: Assessing the Options

This presentation, drawing on past research, outlined some options for a steering group which manages the Birmingham Faiths Map. Slides can be accessed here.

Using “Liberation Bibliographies” in our Teaching - an Appreciative Inquiry

Presented with my colleague Gabi Witthaus to fellow teaching staff at UOB. We hosted a workshop to open up discussion on OER’s at the University, particularly focussed around the notion of liberation bibliographies (which was introduced to me by Gabi

Theology and Deep Time

For this paper, I shared a bit of work in progress under the banner of my ecological reconciliation project. Slides can be found here, and video of the session is up on peertube.

Disappearance and Novelty: Reflecting on the entanglements of 'conservation' and 'culture'

Political Theology/Theologies of Politics workshop series. Slides are here.

Discipleship in 2021 in Light of Climate Change

Presentation on Representation in TRS

At the TRS-UK AGM, I presented a paper on problems with representation within the subject area. The presentation provided an orientation for delegates to recent work on racialised injustice and representation, and outlined some possible concerns to carry forward in a wider consultation process. Slides can be found here.

Why I Started Talking to White People (in Christian environmental groups) About Race

I’m learned a huge amount from the members of this colloquia who have been working for 2 years to compile theological insights, best practices and outreach strategies which can more intentionally connect with Black Majority churches in the UK. I’ll be sharing a bit of my experience decolonising British environmentalism over the past few years and getting input from this group of experts.

Faith and Action in response to the climate crisis