Talks, Seminars & Workshops


Keynote, CTA Conference: Living Theology

I’ll be presenting a keynote for an event co-sponsored with the Catholic Theological Association, and as part of the network of Jesuit-sponsored ‘Living Theology’ weekend summer schools that take place across the UK.


Beyond Slow Food and Fast Change: Reconceptualising our Relationship to the Other-than-Human in Time

I’ll be presenting a seminar paper drawing on my most recent sabbatical research.

Extinction and Religion

I’ll be presenting with my collaborator Stephan Skrimshire to the group Faith in Europe on some of the findings from our research project on Religion & Extinction.

Crafting the Commons network meeting

At the network event, several of us shared a stories about commoning and for my contribution I brought a piece of speculative sci-fi in hopes this might open up some of the issues involved in commons work.

Urban Thinkers Campus

Plenary: Contemplating Extinction

Red Letter Christians: Vision Day

Future: Mapping Solutions

Talk given for design walk with a group of designers

'Spiritual placemaking’ in urban landscapes.

Paper co-presented at Valuing Nature Conference

Macro: A More than Human City (design walk)

Talk given for design walk with a group of designers