Digital Research Conversations: Security

Mar 14, 2018 12:00 PM
Birmingham Environment for Academic Research Forum

I’ll be presenting as part of a panel on digital security and scholarly research this March as part of a series Birmingham University’s BEAR group has been hosting on “Digital Research Conversations.” I’ll be presenting from 12:35-12:50. You can get tickets here..

Slido for Q&A for the session is here: (event code: 7088).

Here’s the official blurb:

Digital Research Conversations (#UoBDigRes): 14th March 2018 Data Security ‘Peeping Through the Great Digital Wall’ Computer Centre (Committee Room), Elms Rd, 12-2 pm

With so much attention being given to data security, should we just carry on as normal or do we become paranoid?

The second in our series of Digital Research Conversations, we will look at data security from the varied angles of our provocative and engaging speakers, leading to a stimulating conversation.

Data security both refers to preventing unauthorised access to computers, databases and websites but also to protecting data from corruption. When looking after data, researchers need to consider; Do you have permission to keep it, re-use it or advertise it? What risks are involved as an individual researcher or as an institution if we lose data, or if the data we re-use is not reliable? Whether we have created data, purchased it or downloaded it; the data we keep is the building blocks of our research.

Jeremy Kidwell, previously a Network security manager and now a lecturer in Theological Ethics, will propose the use of security in the overzealous world.

Ian Batten is part of the Security and Privacy Group, Computer Science where he currently lectures on ‘where computer security and networks meet’.

David W. Evans is a clinician and expert in musculoskeletal pain based in Sports Science. Being involved in collecting patient data, David is concerned about the new Data Protection laws (GDPR) starting in May and how it is going to affect researchers.

We will also be joined by Alberto Guglielmi for the panel session. As Project Officer for GDPR within Legal Services, he will be able to answer questions regarding data protection.

Jeremy Kidwell
Jeremy Kidwell
Associate Professor in Theological Ethics

Ethicist, activist, hacker, ethnographer and eco-theologian. Interdisciplinary and unafraid.